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"W O O D E N -C A R P E T "


produced by BOEWER

A collection of wooden carpets produced by BOEWER. The potential of the “wooden carpet” is its flexibility.
It can be rolled up and transported easily. The carpet’s ability to move implements a potential of change. It can be laid flat on the ground, but also sculptured in a dramatic way, or shaped up the wall.


"ashdown" 1520 × 870 linen, oak, maple, beech

"mortimer" 1975 × 1400 linen, teak
"sherwood" 1620 × 910 linen, mahogany, walnut, moor oak
"wentwood" 1970 × 1400 linen, cherry, pear, mahogany, bubinga
photos by: Tillmann Franzen (first picutre), Axel Struwe
Copyright © 2003 - 2016 by Elisa Strozyk